Sacred Gatherings


Circles and Retreats

Angie Gaia and I have been hosting sacred circles since 2018. We now offer retreats as well! This is a beautiful way we can share our range of gifts with our community. Some  gifts include reiki, meditation, sound healing, movement medicine, voice alchemy, breath work etc. I believe community healing is growing because it's affordable and there is opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals who want to support one another by holding loving space. Most of us just want to be held, heard and seen. This is a place to surrender into that!

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Plant Medicine Meditation Ceremony

I truly believe plants are our teachers. They are so intelligent with in depth wisdom and new perspective to share. I have been working intentionally with a variety of plants since 2017 and they have transformed my life in a positive way! I offer 1:1 overnight ceremonies as well as group sessions co facilitated with Angie Gaia. Between the both of us, we have spent hundreds of hours in plant medicine ceremony space - learning and growing which makes us feel comfortable leading the sacred space. If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask questions.