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"I went into my session with Manda having only a minimal understanding of Reiki and no exposure to Past Life Regression. I had no idea one experience could so profoundly shift my perspective of everything I thought I knew to be true. Manda has found her calling as a guide, healer, and conduit for our greater connection to the Universe, in this life and the next."

"Amanda is exceptionally gifted and down to earth! She is so kind, open and genuine. Amanda is the the only healer I feel comfortable recommending to others for their Reiki needs because the energy she taps into and harnesses is palpable and powerful. The results are undeniable. She definitely made a believer out of me."

"I can't tell you enough how incredible of a practitioner and facilitator Amanda is. I went into each of my sessions with her not knowing what was going to occur, feeling a massive amount of resistance diving into the process and always coming out through it feeling lighter and radiant. The couple sessions i did with Amanda resulted in the following weeks being easy, effortless and flowing as opportunities would just fall in my lap. If you are wanting to step up your game as a human, as a soul being, as an individual who is experiencing this amazing life and take it to the next level, go and see Amanda. She will help you to transform yourself from the inside out in the most gentle, harmonious and loving way. This amazing individual really loves what she does and takes ownership of channeling the transformation that everyone of her clients deserve."

"I received the most eye & heart opening Past Life Regression session from Amanda. It was also my first time trying hypnosis so I was a bit nervous prior to our session because I had no idea what to expect and was anticipating what I was going to experience. Within the first minute of meeting Amanda, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, her calm and sweet aura immediately put me at ease. You could tell how much Amanda values the service she brings to her clients by how well she throughly explains the entire process with you to make sure you're completely comfortable. I really didn't know what to expect from the whole experience going into it, but after we were finished I felt as if certain things in my life just made more sense now. I was more confident in the fact that everything that has & will continue to happen in my life is for the greater good of my highest self. Immediately after the session & for days to follow, I radiated with so much love. My Past Life Regression with Amanda far exceeded any of my expectations, it was like going to 50 therapy sessions in 1 night! Amanda is such a gifted and loving hypnosis facilitator she made the whole process such a beautiful experience. I highly highly recommend a session with Amanda if you are looking to up-level and gain some clarity!"

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